My name is Zoe, Founder of Simply Redheads.

I was lucky enough to be born a redhead. My unique red hair was a big deal when I was growing up. Friends, teachers and strangers wanted to know where my red / ginger hair came from.

Growing up with red / ginger hair is not always easy. Yes your mum loves your red hair and old ladies can’t get enough of you. But other people can be cruel. The teasing and constant attention can be tough to handle at times. My older sister always told me not to worry as when I was old enough I could dye my red hair and cover my freckles with make-up! Little did I know then, that I would grow to love my red hair as much as I love chocolate!

Due to the amount of melanin in your hair the colour can change significantly across your lifetime. Sadly our red hair can fade as we get older so Simply Redheads has many natural hair products for redheads to assist in keeping that vibrant unique colour for longer.

There are red hair products for all you bottle reds out there too!

As Cort Cass said in The Redhead Handbook, “Being a redhead is more than just a hair colour – it’s a way of life”.

If you love your red hair / ginger hair like I do, or if you are seeking gifts for redheads, then you will certainly love the henna hair products has to offer. Read what our worldwide customers have to say about us here.

Zoe  X