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I’ve been using Simply Redheads hair products now for over 9 years and wouldn’t buy anything else. My red hair is in lovely condition, it’s grown lots and people always compliment me on how shiny it is. Thank you for supplying such amazing products for redheads! Alicia – May 2021

Thank you for offering FREE world-wide shipping! I live in America and postage can be so expensive. I love your henna and cherry conditioner. Highly recommend other redheads to use your wonderful hair products….Jack – May 2021

My bf gave me your colour enhancing shampoo and shine enhancing conditioner as part of my Xmas present. After the first try my ginger hair felt and looked amazing. I don’t normally condition my hair often as it tends to make my hair look and feel greasy (I only apply to the ends), but your hair products left my hair with body and shine. My hair colour looked amazing, at 54 I have a white streak at either side of my parting but after drying it wasn’t as white looking and had a very pale ginger tinge to it, I’ve never wanted to dye my red hair as it never looks natural and I am quite happy to let the white come through, but your hair products are fab, I will definitely be reordering and will be recommending it all my ginger friends, young and old. Thanks for your fab products. Alison – December 2020

You were so helpful Zoe when I spoke to you during lockdown and I liked your hair products so much that I’m still using them even though I can go to my hairdresser and get my usual shampoo and conditioner from there (I haven’t told them yet that I’m buying from you now!) I think they were a little surprised by how good the colour was when I went for my first appointment and although I’m still having my highlights done it’s mainly to cover the grey around the hairline, and I feel more confident leaving a longer gap between appointments now. Many thanks again. Best wishes Anne, York, UK – September 2020

Received my colour enhancing henna shampoo and shine enhancing conditioner for redheads today so quickly after ordering and I LOVE it. I’m a natural red head and never dyed it and also a hairdresser but I wanted to say how lovely the hair products are and they smell lush. Love them and will be buying again, thank you!
Sarie, Dorset, UK – July 2020

I noticed my natural ginger hair was browning and fading as I went into my 50th year. After searching for something to help I stumbled across Simply Redheads hair products and tried the gift pack first. The colour enhancing henna shampoo was my favourite. After just a couple of washes I noticed that my fading ginger hair was more vibrant and beautifully soft. I’ve ordered more and will be recommending this to fellow gingers! Michelle, Devon (UK) – June 2020.

I have been searching for months for a proper redhead shampoo and conditioner for my little girls natural red hair. It is really hard to find good products specifically for redheads! I am so happy that after months of looking for it I can finally say I’ve found the RIGHT ONE! Henna and Horse Chestnut shampoo and conditioner, DOES NOT CONTAIN CHEMICALS and the owner of the brand is so kind and also a natural ginger. Strongly recommend.
Tathy, Brazil/UK – June 2020.

Bought the henna and horse chestnut shampoo and conditioner – never used SLS free on my fine red hair…I thought more bubbles the better! (the lather/bubbles are the chemicals in products). Turned up quick and Simply Redheads were really helpful answering questions. My hair feels really soft and shiny and will be reordering. Highly recommended their redhead hair products.
Wallis, UK – June 2020.

Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour enhancing henna shampoo, henna and horse chestnut conditioner and leave in conditioner! I was afraid that using all three hair products would make my hair greasy, but on the contrary!! It lasts clean for longer. Thanks so much for all your help. Will be purchasing the bigger bottles (500ml) soon! Vicky, SPAIN – May 2020.

Bought your redhead shampoo and conditioner recently and I feel it’s really brightened my hair up and even hidden some of the fine grey hairs, I normally get my hair highlighted but due to lockdown it’s not been done in months and wondering if I will bother as I really like how it’s made my ginger hair look so much. Tracy, Fife. May 2020

Thank you for responding to me even when it was a weekend. I used the henna and horse chestnut leave in conditioner for the first time and my husband who will brush my hair commented on how silky my hair was and the brush went through my hair smoothly. I truly love your redhead products as they have helped to change the way I view my hair! Thanks so much for getting back to me and I look forward to using these fantastic hair products for many years to come.
Forever grateful, Kasie, USA

My Simply Redheads hair products arrived! I liked how it gave a little lighter and a little more red color to my browning red hair and the conditioner is awesome. I am a man who has never used conditioner before so I have nothing to compare it to, but wow it really makes it untangle so easy and turns it very smooth and soft instantly.
Paul, USA

Oh life! I’ve used the henna & horse chestnut shampoo and conditioner last night and I am in love! My red hair is just past waist length and very thick. I usually need to use practically half a bottle of conditioner just to be able to run a brush through it, but this lathered up so well! I blow dried it, tied it back in a plait and went to bed. Just woke up and brushed it… NOT A SINGLE TANGLE! Plus, it’s super shiny. I won’t be using any other products now, can’t wait to try the leave in conditioner, and I’ll be telling all my fellow gingers.
Emma, UK

I have received the redhead shampoo and conditioner and I absolutely love it! My hair has never looked or felt better and I will continue to purchase this product in the future!

S Bradfield, UK

Simply Redheads, I love your Henna and Cherry shampoo!  As a natural redhead I finally found my shampoo.  Thank you for your great hair products.
K. Brua – America

Simply Redheads your hair products are very good.   I’ve used a Boots product- it was OK,  and I haven’t found anything really good until your website.
L. Jackson – France

I’m 72, naturally auburn-haired that has faded to reddish blonde.  I’ve never had my hair dyed and my hairdresser tells me my hair doesn’t need that yet.   So I was very pleased to find your hair products.   They lift what colour I have and even tone down the wisps of grey at my temples.  Many thanks.
Mrs Powell, Surrey, UK

I absolutely love Simply Redheads Shampoo and Conditioner hair products.  I have tried both the Henna and Horse Chestnut Shampoo and Conditioner and the Colour Enhancing Henna Shampoo and Shine Enhancing Conditioner. Both are fantastic, but I prefer the Colour Enhancing Henna Shampoo and Shine Enhancing Conditioner for washing my hair as it makes my hair feel so nice and silky.

Your hair products are simply fabulous and leaves my hair shiny and very manageable with a brilliance of color to my red hair.  You now have guaranteed me as a life long customer!
Sincerely, Janet – USA

I love using the Henna and Horse Chestnut Conditioner as a Leave In Conditioner and in between washes, it makes my hair super soft and frizz-free without making it feel heavy or flat.  I have natural red / ginger hair but my hair tends to get a bit dull and grayish during the winter months and in times of bad health.  I find these amazing hair products help bring some life back to the hair during those dull times.

Once again thank you for the excellent customer service!

I recently purchased your Simply Redheads colour enhancing henna shampoo & shine enhancing conditioner and henna & horse chestnut shampoo & conditioner as I decided to try both. I love your hair products. My hair looks & feels amazing & the colour is much stronger but looks so so natural. Like me my mum, sisters, niece & nephews are natural redheads so they will be purchasing your hair products too! Thank you so so much for fantastic products just for redheads!
Melanie, CARDIFF, UK

Simply Redheads customer service was excellent.  Prompt delivery and the items were securely packaged.  I will purchase again and would recommend to friends.  I’m no haircare expert but I have noticed my red hair is softer and more vibrant since using this redhead shampoo and conditioner.  Even for a man I can take more pride in my ginger hair using these hair products! Thank you Simply Redheads!
Darren – KENT, UK

I cannot say enough positive things about the hair products from Simply Redheads. I’ve been using their website for a few months now, and have not once been disappointed. The deliveries always come well on time and the merchandise is securely wrapped. As for the quality of the redhead shampoos and conditioners themselves: there is no contest! It’s great to see so many natural hair products, free from SLS and parabens, that don’t require you to take out a second mortgage to buy them. My top three items would have to be:

Simply Redheads Henna & Horse Chestnut Shampoo

Simply Redheads Henna & Horse Chestnut Conditioner

Simply Redheads Henna & Horse Chestnut Colour Enhancing Leave-In Conditioner

These are ideal: I wanted hair products that would enhance my red / ginger hair without depositing colour, and they have been perfect. The leave-in conditioner really tops everything off after a great wash too, leaving my red hair looking shiny for the rest of the day. However, I’ve also tried Simply Redheads Colour Enhancing Henna Shampoo, Simply redheads Shine Enhancing Conditioner, the Henna & Horse Chestnut Shampoo and the Henna & Horse Chestnut Conditioner and they’re brilliant as well! I love the fact that none of the Simply Redheads products are tested on animals, and I’d highly recommend that others go for deals such as the triple pack offer, as those are really good value.

In addition to the hair product quality, communication with the Simply Redheads team is also fantastic. Whenever I’ve had a query, I’ve either emailed or sent them a Twitter message, and Zoe has got back to me extremely quickly with help/advice/answers. The service is great and the hair products are definitely salon quality. I cannot recommend them enough, my hair feels so silky thanks to Simply Redheads and when the ingredients used are that natural, you can be sure that they must be good for your hair too! Bravo.
Charity – London , UK Picture taken by Scott Cadenhead

I would absolutely recommend Simply Redheads hair products. My hair is softer (and more ginger!).
Regards, Carole.  NEW ZEALAND

I bought the redhead hair products for my daughter Alice (age 12).  She loves them, they make her ginger hair shine like a very shiny conker!  The leave-in conditioning spray works as a great de-tangler.

I would recommend them and would purchase them again.

Thank you Simply Redheads, Julie.

I love the redhead shampoo and conditioner set I purchased! They do exactly what I was hoping they would do for my red hair: my color is more refined, my hair is soft, and my hair just feels great all the time! I will definitely be buying them again and I also have some redhead friends whom I will most certainly recommend your hair products to 🙂
Thanks,  Karyn – FRANCE

I first ordered your redhead hair products a month or so ago and I love them!! My hair has never felt healthier or looked better! Thank you for creating such incredible hair products for redheads/gingers!!
Sierra, Phoenix USA

Got my order today love this shampoo, so I’d like to do a review:

The Henna colour enhancing shampoo cleans my hair, adds shine and most of all keeps my henna looking bright and doesn’t fade it on my greys like other shampoos have done.  Will be a repeat customer!!
Thanks, Sarah – UK

Great service!  Love your hair products. The photo of my red hair (enclosed) is my best feedback how excellent your hair products are, work for natural redheads perfectly. Thank you one more time!!!

Kind regards
Jana, Slovakia

Being a redhead my expectations for suitable hair accessories are set pretty low. However in delighted to say that Simply Redheads has changed my attitude! The hair products are affordable but good quality and natural looking – people commented in my hair without realising it was a clip in!

The service has been second to none with super swift delivery and a no fuss returns procedure (I got ambitious with a darker colour!)

All in all would highly recommend.
Laura, Kidderminster, UK

I ordered the redheads gift pack which contained four x 100ml bottles.

Firstly I have to say customer service is amazing! Really friendly very helpful.

I bought the pack for myself as I wasn’t sure which ones I wanted to try in full size! I have dark natural red hair and in the winter it gets darker I just wanted something to make my hair shine red without adding dye deposits..and I have to say I am still not sure which one to buy full size as they are all amazing! The henna and horse chestnut shampoo and conditioner are so natural and I love that and the fact it made my hair and head feel and look great! I also love the colour enhancing henna shampoo and shine enhancing conditioner..the red in my hair really came out using this and the shine in my red hair was beautiful and although the colour enhancing henna shampoo is not as natural as the horse chestnut compared to many other shampoos it’s perfect

I have found what my red hair  has been looking for and now I have too many to chose from! Thank you Simply Redheads!

Anne, Gloucestershire – UK

Henna & Horse Chestnut………………….I purchased this shampoo when I noticed my natural red hair had entered one of its, what I call, ‘dull periods’. My colour has been constantly changing all my life. Like many people, my ginger hair has gotten darker as I aged, but that’s not the only change. Periods of brighter ginger inevitably end up being replaced by periods of dullness. My hair turns a light brownish/dark blondish colour with a ginger shine during those times. Needless to say, I always enhance my colour during those periods because I’m a proud ginger!
In my younger years, I’d use a temporary colour rinse. During my previous dull period, I used henna. And this time, I’m using shampoo. After consulting Emma at Ginger Parrot, I opted for the horse chestnut & henna shampoo and conditioner.

The shampoo lathered quite well for me but then I do have very fine ginger hair and I usually don’t use shampoo all that sparingly. As per the advice, I allowed the shampoo to soak for a few minutes before rinsing. Upon rinsing, I’d swear my ends were already looking more orange but then that could also have been wishful thinking. My hair is quite damaged, so I decided to treat the conditioner as a hair mask and leave it in as long as possible. I stepped out of the shower and went about my business for 10, 15 minutes and then I returned to rinse.

After the first wash, I noticed a lot of improvement. My hair was brighter and my natural copper tones were much more pronounced. I’ve had my hair permed a few times which left my ends dry and brittle, but they were as soft and shiny as the rest of my hair and I had visibly more volume at the roots.

I repeated the treatment today. After two washes, my hair is now the beautiful ginger colour it had when I was a child. My hair colour is lighter, brighter and definitely more ginger. But, and this is the beauty of it, it looks absolutely natural and exactly the colour I naturally have. I am in awe of the instant result, not just the gorgeous colour it’s giving my tresses, but also the improved quality of my hair. It hasn’t looked this good in years!
I can definitely recommend this shampoo. The only thing that I need to get used to is the smell. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of artificial perfume added, so it smells a lot different than most shampoos. A bit citrusy, with an earthy scent I can’t quite identify. Still, it’s a pleasant smell so people shouldn’t let that stop them from buying this amazing product. I’m a fan!
Chantal, Netherlands

Hi, I love your hair products!  While I feel the conditioner isnt really necessary and I don’t really need it, your redhead shampoo I bought is amazing!

I use it religiously everytime I wash my hair and it helps keep my red / ginger hair looking really nice.  I will be buying more when it runs out.

Thank you so much!

Jenna, Pennsylvania USA

At age 54 and a natural redhead, grey hair is starting to look more prominent but after washing with your simply redheads henna colour enhancing shampoo and shine enhancing conditioner my grey hair seems to blend in with my auburn hair making it feel soft and natural to look at. After searching and spending a lot of money on other inferior products yours is simply the best! Thank you.
Pat, Keighley, UK


Lucy, Hair Ideas Magazine – UK

Hi there!

I’ve used the colour enhancing henna shampoo and shine enhancing condtioner several times, and I really like them!  My ginger hair feels AMAZING! Love the conditioner, my hair is super soft right now!

I will buy them again, when I run out 🙂

Jenny, Sweden

I am actually a brunette, however do have a slight shade of red when I’m in the sunlight. I do like to have my hair straightened with GHD’s and was looking for a conditioner which was going to be light on the hair and gives you hair a natural shine. Your conditioner does exactly that as well as smelling really nice. I have subsequently stopped buying my hair products from the Hairdressers and now order from yourself.

It may seem odd as I am a brunette rather than a redhead however would like to recommend it to other non redheads, go ahead and try it you won’t look back.

Thanks again Simply Redheads

Sarah, Yorkshire – UK

The Colour Enhancing Henna Shampoo and Shine Enhancing Conditioner has really improved and enhanced my quality of hair. Thank you.

Kind regards

Serena, Luton – UK

I have been using the Colour Enhancing Henna Shampoo regularly for a three weeks and I think my ginger hair does look better. I think it has more lustre and a couple of people have commented on how good my hairstyle looks. I have had the same cut for a long time, so I think it must be the shampoo!
The service was great and thank you for the free Shine Enhancing Conditioner.

Kind Regards

Trish, New Zealand

From Simply Redheads hair product range I used the Colour Enhancing Henna Shampoo and Shine Enhancing Conditioner on my daughters beautiful long red hair. It was really lovely, felt very rich and good quality. The conditioner made her ginger hair very smooth, I normally have to spend 10 minutes combing it but it only took 2! Her hair looked very shiny and she thought it was wonderful “just for her”! I would definitely recommend it.

I have since tried the Honey and Chamomile Shampoo with Rosemary and Silk Conditioner which is again just as fabulous.

Kiera, North Yorkshire – UK

Colour Enhancing Henna Shampoo and Shine Enhancing Conditioner.

Just wanted to tell you redheads about the above.   I am delighted with them, never before have I had such clean and shiny hair (with enough body to last).  I would recommend them to anyone and you can use this as a review if you like.

I shampooed my hair twice, plus conditioner, but really I think once would do.   Its well worth the money.

Shall be a returning customer for sure!!

Best regards

Janet,  Rotherham-UK

I can recommend the Honey and Cider Vinegar Conditioner and the Shine Enhancing Conditioner. These were bought for my mum something special and different for Christmas.
Rose, Leeds – UK

I have used the Simply Redheads Colour Enhancing Henna Shampoo and Shine Enhancing Conditioner. Very very good. Amazed at how the shampoo didn’t tangle my red hair. I didn’t need use much and it still felt really clean. The Conditioner left my hair soft but not waxy. Would definitely recommend it.

Katie, Yorkshire – UK

I’m not a natural red head and I purchased Simply Redheads Honey and Chamomile Shampoo and Shine Enhancing Conditioner which was recommended for my fair hair. I found these hair products to be fantastic as they made my hair feel really clean and glossy. My hair is so much better for using these natural products.

I will definitely continue to buy products from Simply Redheads.

Sophie, Harrogate – UK

Thanks so much for recommending Simply Redheads Honey and Chamomile Shampoo and Shine Enhancing conditioner, my strawberry blonde hair is so much better for it.|
Ellie, Edinburgh – UK