The Last Jedi!

How did you hear about Simply Redheads hair products? 

Word of mouth! I became really excited when I heard about Simply Redheads because, in comparison to the vast ranges that are on the market for blondes and brunettes, there’s so little available in terms of specific haircare for redheads / gingers, so I Googled the name of the company for more information and the rest is history!

Were you purposefully looking for a special shampoo / conditioner for your red hair because you were working on the Star Wars set?

I’d been looking for better products for my red hair for a while before I started working on The Last Jedi, but I was so pleased that I found Simply Redheads at that time, because my hair was being styled in wonderfully crazy ways for the film and I needed to ensure that it was well taken care of. 

What made you want to try our red / ginger hair products above other products out on the market? 

I was looking for products that were natural, without the use of animal testing or harsh chemicals: having no SLES and parabens in the ingredients was key – it’s a ‘win-win’ when a product is both good for your hair and for the environment. There were very few shampoos and conditioners, for redheads,  out there that matched that description that didn’t cost the earth or do drastic things to your hair. I came across one website that advertised ‘natural’ shampoo for redheads but their products included a lot of chili extract; several people had commented that their hair colour had completely changed after using the shampoo, as the product had acted as a dye rather than a cleanser. I love my red hair colour and texture so I wanted something that would enhance how I looked, not change it; Simply Redheads ticked all the boxes.

What did you like most about the hair products?  How did they make your hair feel and look? 

I’m happy whenever I use Simply Redheads hair products because I know that I’m not dousing my ginger hair in tonnes of unnecessary chemicals. I also don’t need to use very much of either the shampoo or the conditioner to wash my hair effectively, which is marvellously economical, and importantly my hair doesn’t feel heavy or greasy afterwards, as it might with products that were poorer in quality.

How many times did you have to wash your red / ginger hair whilst working on the Star Wars set?

MANY times! Well – it was mainly after we’d finished shooting in the evening – but because of the extensive backcombing, etc. each wash tended to take about three times as long as usual.

Did any of your co-workers comment on your red / ginger hair after using the hair products? 

Absolutely – and they still do! People want to know if I use ‘special products’ to get my red hair to stay shiny and thick; my hair’s naturally very thick but I recommend Simply Redheads to anyone if they’re looking for something to enhance their natural beauty and keep their red / ginger hair healthy.

Would you say Simply Redheads hair products are good value for money?


 Do feel you’ve had good service and would you recommend us?

 See answer to previous question.

What other hair products would you like to see on our website?

I’d be interested to see the hair range expand even further to include things like hair mousses, masks and sprays. I use hair spray quite often if I’m doing a show and my hair needs to be held firmly in place, so it would be great to see one in the Simply Redheads range that was a little kinder to the ozone layer. To be honest, though, I love the brand so much that I’d be excited to try anything new that Simply Redheads had in the pipeline, and I really look forward to finding out what’s next!

Thank you Simply Redheads for supplying the world with the best red / ginger hair products EVER!

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