Let your hair spring into life after winter!

As we head towards spring, it’s the time of year where you see life emerging all around you! Look out for spring flowers blooming in and around your area or, perhaps, maybe even the hint of a blossom tree starting to show itself!

And, while spring starts to appear all around you, now is the perfect time to breathe new life back into your hair, especially if you’ve had your locks hidden under your favourite bobble hat over the cold winter months!

So, just as you get a spring into your step, your hair also needs a little bit of love and attention, in order for it to bounce back from the effects of winter! So, your action plan, for silky spring-like hair, should be in full swing over the coming weeks, to coincide (hopefully) with warmer temperatures and some spring lovely sunshine.

Here are some really simple tips to help you prepare your hair to get it back to its best:

If you’ve been using lots of styling products during the winter months, your first step should be a ‘clearing’ of those products from your hair by treating yourself to a hair pamper session at least once a week, with a deep conditioning treatment. This will replenish the moisture, which can be lost during the winter months and lock in new moisture – it’s one of the most important things you can do to revitalise your hair after winter and, once your hair is thoroughly cleansed, it will bounce back and look great!

Lots of people tend not to bother with a trim or cut over winter so, if that’s you, now’s the perfect time to get those dry, split ends seen to as early as possible! Popping to see your stylist will give you a great start to the new season and, who knows, maybe it’s time to give that new style you’ve been thinking about all winter a whirl?

Following on from that, perhaps you’ve also been thinking of having highlights to welcome in the new season? Well, it certainly can make a difference to liven up your dull winter hair, BUT be careful not to stray too far outside your current colour, in the first instance and go for colours that help to enhance your own natural colours! Building up colours gradually is the best and safest way to keep your hair in tip-top condition and places less stress on your locks, than going for a big colour change in one sitting!

If you’re not quite ready to hit the colours so early in the new season, then another great way to get the colour back into your hair after winter is to choose a good quality colour enhancing shampoo and conditioner – but ones that are gentle enough on your hair to use every day and are free from or low in SLES and parabens. Getting this bit right is key to your hair looking soft, bouncy and full of body.

Finally, just getting out into the sun (when it’s there), even in these early spring months provide your hair with a great source of vitamin D, which gives those beautiful locks more sheen and glow – just make sure that you don’t overdo it as the sun gets stronger later in the year!

If you follow these tips and get your spring hair care plan into action, in the coming weeks, you can look forward to hair that looks and feels great as we head into summer!

Until next time!

Zoe x

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