Holiday Hair – Go from beach to bar looking fabulous!

Beach to Bar - Looking Fab

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when the schools break up for summer and, for a lot of people, thoughts turn to their long-awaited holiday in the sunshine.

But, if your hair could talk, it’d probably be saying “Don’t forget to pack my case too”, because sun, sea, swimming pools, heat and humidity play havoc with your hair – just at the time when you want it to look smooth, silky and downright fabulous.

So, just as you meticulously plan your holiday list of perfect clothes and essential beauty products, it’s a good idea to pack some treats for your barnet too!

All too often, after a few days away in the sun, even the healthiest, glossy hair can deteriorate into a fearsome frazzle, especially if it’s subjected to the elements with little or no protection.

So here’s our top tips for protecting your locks from potential hair holiday hazards, so your hair looks gorgeous both on and off the beach.

Colour Up – If you are going for highlights before you jet off, consider asking your stylist to go a couple of shades darker than normal. You’ll find that the sun’s rays will get it back to the normal highlighted colour really quickly.

Cut Back – Even if it’s just a trim, to lop off those pesky dry or split ends, having a cut before your holiday is definitely a must!

Condition In – The sun is a big culprit in stripping your hair of moisture. So, in the weeks leading up to your jolly, treat it to a deep conditioning treatment, at least 2-3 times per week, to ensure it’s in tip-top condition. Then, if you can try and do that just once or twice, whilst away and then every 2-3 weeks when you get back, you’ll be keeping those all-important moisture levels up, even if the sun is beating down on you! 

Protect It  – When you’re chilling by the pool or on the beach, have with you a protective product to apply to your hair. You can get lots of products that have either a SPF or special UV filters in them.

Rinse Out – When you’ve been for a dip in the pool or sea, if possible, try and rinse your hair through with fresh water, because both salt and chlorine make your hair and scalp pretty dry. Even bottled water would do, if there weren’t a fresh water shower around. You might look a bit like a ‘diva’ rinsing your hair with Evian, but hey, you’re on hols and, more importantly, you’re looking after your holiday hair!

Fight Frizz – If you’ve got hair that frizzes at the mere scent of a warm, humid climate, then taking a decent water-based, anti-frizz wax or cream with you is probably a good idea. Because, rather than trying to tame your ‘Diana Ross’ with straighteners, which only makes your hair drier, a good quality wax can transform wild curls into soft curls that look wonderful.

No Alcohol – DON’T PANIC! We’re not saying your holiday has to be as dry for you as your hair! What we do recommend though is that, in the run-up to your holiday, switch hair products to alcohol-free versions, as it will help to protect your hair and scalp from burning when you’re out in the sun! Phew we can hear you cry!

So, my fellow follically-obsessed friends, if you remember to follow these tips whilst your sunning yourselves and remember to pack for your hair too, you’ll be ready to go from beach to bar looking simply fabulous.

Until next time and if you are jetting off this summer, have a simply (redheads) fabulous time!


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