Well, perhaps I am slightly biased, but I’d argue an emphatic ‘YES’!

However, I don’t think I am alone in this view… Recently, I ran a competition, across social media, asking my ‘reddies’ why redheads rock.

I was amazed by the responses and I thought I’d share some of the things that came over – some thought provoking, some inspirational and some downright hilarious.


From @redheadplanet – “We think Redheads Rock because we are rare colourful gems in a sea of regular stones!”

Wow! A deep, insightful and really beautiful viewpoint.

From @Gsnaps – “Redheads Rock because we are so rare, yet so many others pay good money to match our beautiful hair!”

Great answer – and, when you think about it, downright spot on!

From @I_LL_BE_GLAMMED “Redheads Rock because we are original and stand out from the crowd!”

Can’t argue with that!

From @littlehomebirdy “It gives us great sense of humour & ready made style because our hair will always make a statement!”

I love this one – “we have ready made style and always make a statement”! We rock!

From @GingerGathering “Redheads Rock because we’ve survived the bullies and shown the world we’re awesome!”

Good call – it’s a shame that the narrow minded out there find hair colour a source of amusement, but hey,we rock… end of!

I could keep going forever with the great responses, but I wanted to pick just a few of them, to show the diversity, truthfulness and genuine nature of the people that entered the competition – thanks to all and well done to the winner!

I know it’s easy for me to sit here and write about the virtues of redheads but, when I reach out to my ‘social army’, I’m always touched as to the connection we all share… as I said at the beginning of the blog – way more than just a hair colour – we’re redheads and we rock!

Bye for now!

Zoe x

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