5 Tips For Looking After Hair In Winter



First up – a question… Where has 2019 gone?! At the time of writing, there are, scarily, only 64 days and 13 hours until Christmas!!!! OMG!

But before your head goes into scramble about what to get for Auntie Pauline (probably bath salts again btw!), now is actually a good time to start giving your hair some early Christmas cheer, so it stays in ‘tip-top’ condition through the winter.

Remember, hair needs that little extra TLC in the winter months, as it experiences such a diverse range of temperatures (indoor to outdoor) and can often spend a lot of time under hats, headscarves and the like.

So here’s our Top 5 Tips to make sure your locks stay luscious the winter…

1. Take a cooling shower

Hot showers can actually strip moisture from your hair, causing it (and your scalp) to become dry. It can even make an already flaky scalp worse! Also, a flaky scalp can cause ‘static hair’ (more on that below).

I know it’s tempting to turn your shower heat up a notch, when the teeth are chattering on a morning, but turn down the temperature a notch or two for the sake of your hair.

2. Shampooing too often strips moisture.

Clean hair feels fab and makes you feel better, but PLEASE don’t wash your hair every day, as it takes away so much of its natural moisture. Even by switching to every other day, you would notice a difference in the general condition of your hair.

Obviously, everyone’s hair is different and, if it works for you, you may even be able to leave it a few days between washes.

3. When possible avoid blow drying and brushing wet hair to prevent breakage.

It’s a fact that wet hair is when it’s at its most delicate. So, if you can, let your hair dry naturally (even in part) before the onslaught of your dryer and brushes.

4. Fight that static!

Over the colder months, be sure to use plenty of moisturising conditioner to prevent static and fly away hair. Also, try brushes that have natural bristles and, if you like to wear a hat or any other type of headscarf etc, stick to cotton.

An application of Vitamin E oil is also great for preventing static building up on your hair.

5. Finally…

Have a read over our blog about seasonal affects on your hair and, if you’ve taken steps 1-4 above and read the blog below, you’ll be on track to unveil some fabulous hair come spring! https://simplyredheads.co.uk/blog-post/dont-let-seasonal-dullness-extend-to-your-hair/

Right, back onto Auntie Pauline’s bath salts it is…

Best wishes until next time!


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