Our products are being used World-wide and have been for over 10 years. Have you seen all of our feedback…. AMAZING!

Here’s how they work…….

Henna is a natural colouring extract and has been used for many years as a source of hair dye.

Most of our products contain natural Henna extract.

Our manufacturers use just the right amount of red henna to gradually enhance existing tones of red/ ginger hair.

The small amount of henna that is in our products merely enhances the red tones, there is not enough in them to permanently dye the strands. Therefore once you stop using our products the henna that has built up in the hair from continued use will gradually fade.

Henna makes your hair strong, voluminous and shiny.

Our customers are natural redheads and dyed redheads and are extremely happy with our products, check out our worldwide feedback.