Hair Products for REDHEADS

Enhance your red / ginger hair the natural way!  Our products are non colour depositing. They do not dye the hair permanently. Our manufacturers use just the right amount of red henna to gradually and naturally enhance existing tones of red / ginger hair.

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Money Saver Packs available

Due to high demand we now sell 500ml bottles.  These are much more cost effective. Also available in twin packs.

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Horse Chestnut

Our very popular Henna and Horse Chestnut range is not only loved by REDHEADS but also BRUNETTES.  SLS and Paraben free.  Triple
pack available at just £25.00.

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Unsure which to choose?

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All of our HENNA products contain the same minimal amount of henna extract. 

You may wonder which to choose, and it’s mainly down to the other ingredients.  I.e. if you suffer with dandruff or hair loss you may choose the Cherry (also smells divine), if you have curly hair you may go for the products that are Curly Girl Method Approved

If you have Strawberry Blonde hair or Blonde you will probably opt for the Honey and Chamomile to keep those lighter tones light

Brunettes love the added ingredient of Horse Chestnut and our shine enhancing conditioner is popular with all hair colours due to it’s luxury ingredients, it doesn’t contain henna and it leaves the hair with a shine.

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